Session Ashley Wildcat

So this has been an awful long time coming, my chance to meet and wrestle Ashley Wildcat! I mean, it’s been building for a looooong time but the fact we live on different continents and generally have pretty busy lives London never seemed to work out. However, thankfully we’ve now made it happen, and now here are my thoughts…CQmoUgiUcAAfwvR

So Ms Wildcat started with Female Wrestling Channel a few years ago, but went solo 2013 after some differences with the company (that, from most accounts seem fairly justified). Since then she’s kind of skyrocketed, showing an enthusiasm for the genre and has shot accross the globe working for companies and individual producers everywhere and building a pretty bloody good name for herself in the process. I was curious, I must confess, to meet her and see what she’s like in person….

The answer is, well, startlingly pretty and ‘exuberant’ with an engaging witty banter that i’ve not really come across. At least, not in the same way. She’s a little crazy but in a good way, bouncing around and full of high spirits and laughter. It’s fun, I must confess. Certainly makes the session enjoyable. I’ve not met many (maybe even any) quite so adept at trash talk and keeping up a barrage of banter throughout the session.

As a wrestler she’s strong, stronger than she looks and although she isn’t ‘built’ like Anastaxia, Rapture or Skylar Rene her thighs are certainly lethal. Her legs are long and with all the leverage that she can produce when she clamps down it’s lights or tap out city. I’d also point out that her application of the holds is impeccable, inch perfect and precise. She’s high energy but slow paced (if that makes sense), slowly coiling you into the holds, and wrapping herself around you until you tap, and you will tap, because like I said her legs are lethal (as are her arms and smother holds as I also found out).f050c6545f5df7de20fb49b91e1a88f7


We did a but comp, a bit fantasy, a bit chat – all were fun, perfectly paced and just right. I will certainly want to go back to try the comp out in more space with mats….

I’ll also point out something else well worthy of note; the first time i’ve experienced it, he took me through a ‘tutorial’. She basically took a couple of minutes to manhandle me through a selection of holds, applying an demonstrating all of them, tapping me out in each. Now for a session virgin that is a brilliant idea… for someone who has had a few, actually I think (although not stated) that the idea is that she found my limit. Once she knew the limit, she could tailor the pressure perfectly to taking me to the edge of tapping. This is a brilliant idea and one I really applaud; I also feel that it demonstrates a real urge on her part to make a session as enjoyable as possible.c496daaf1c8c05698d12fc802856887f


Something else you get from her that isn’t particularly common, is that she genuinely loves wrestling. This isn’t just a job, just a way to make extra cash, just a method of exploiting easily led males, or something she does to make money for something else in her life – the wrestling IS, in and of itself, the entire point. The fact she makes a living from it is almost beside the point, because beating up guys, wrestling other girls, it’s all something she loves and critically that comes across in her matches.


To draw it into a single package… she’s a very attractive, leggy, muscularly thighed, slightly crazy, exuberant, dedicated, skilled lover of wrestling. The fact us guys get to do it with her is something we should all take advantage of as much as possible, and be thankful for!06c8cd5bbb2a8e366a3e88dcf6250525

One of my favourite all time photos


(PS Now let’s all make a concerted effort to get her to go back for a grudge match vs Monroe Jamison of FWC….)

Session Goddess Anastaxia

Session Goddess Anastaxia


So, i’ve been remiss as hell. I really have. Plus it’s in the worst possible time, and with the worst possible person because she absolutely deserves the very best anyone can give her, which I hope to make clear below. So I sessioned, wrestled, with the (no hyperbole here, I mean the adjective truly as an accurate statement) incomparable, phenomenal Goddess Anastaxia years ago and didn’t blog about it.

It was a bad time, getting into work and such in a time that I couldn’t really focus on this and it fell by the wayside. Now that’s gone, and I am going to write, or try to do justice ot her, in a way I should have done a year ago. Still, here it is.

Warning: I’m categorically not a subbie, slave kinda guy. I’m just not, but this woman has an aura that really kinda blinds you, I mean i’m not one to stop talking or be even a little in awe or hooked on a member of the opposite sex but Ana has a presence, a sexually jaw dropping form but paired with an absolutely ferocious intellect. She’s a very smart woman, and funny as hell with it. If I was to commit to a goddess, there isn’t anyone else to choose. Fact. So if it seems below like i’m gushing more than usual, if i’m not bring a balance to the review, well it’s not that, it’s just I can’t find flaw. Which gives you an idea of the direction this is going to take.


Point the first. She IS more expensive than most wrestlers. I think it’s a symptom of being a domme, but I don’t regret the extra £80 paid. Furthermore, due to mutual constraints and issues, she was both incredibly forgiving and professional with time slot balancing, and gave me a free 20 minutes when she had to cancel herself. She is the epitome of professionalism when it comes to running her business, which is always very reassuring, especially when paying a premium.

So what’s she like to wrestle? Physically she’s raw sexuality, and there’s no not being turned on just being around her – face, form, breast, thigh (oh my lord those thighs) calves, skin, the lot. Accent. Attitude, confidence. So you’re very aware of that attraction, and then there’s the wrestling itself.


She’s not formally trained in a specific style but holy fuck is she aggressive. She is a natural domme. It’s not a show to get the punters to make a quick buck, she enjoys hurting and humiliating humans for it’s own sake, and that shows. It’s almost as much a turn on for her in some ways, I think and the energy of that really comes across. She makes animal noises that draw you in, and she’s a whirlwind of energy and aggression and it’s a frantic, violent roll, a true contest of establishing dominance in a way that you don’t often get – less sensual if you ask for semi or fully competitive, but raw and primal. More so in some ways, not in others, than our resident emotional wrestler in london Amethyst.

Another awesome shot from Doom Maidens (link to their side at the bottom)

If you want to see a particularly hot match, go see what she did to Blaze in one of the events…

Anastaxia is also strong. Shoulder, core, bicep, and finally legs and not in that ‘looks strong but is actually light when you lock up’ way but strong in that way that you get where if you lock up with her it’s like moving a heavy rock, she’s solid, and all muscle from her jaw down from years and years of actually doing bodyweight exercises. It’s a little frightening if you’re a big guy used to being able to control the match to an extent, to lose it since you’re only AS strong, or even weaker in some ways. It’s curious, because whereas a lot of women who match you for strength like Venom, Scorpion, Rapture have training and are technical with it, you really feel like you lose that control of the flow of the match to Anastaxia due to how she uses the strength like a whirlwind. It’s no less enjoyable of course.


I’ll mention her legs, because no word of a lie she matches Rapture, Skylar Rene and that level of woman. Her thighs are phenomenal and I have been in a LOT of scissors and i’d put her, ib for ib crushing ability with top 3 i’ve ever had. It’s almost frightening how much power she can apply through them. It helps her legs look incredible too.

From Doom Maidens – she has a load of great videos with them, go check it out! (You should always check Doom Maidens anyway, awesome people and site)

I want to go back, so badly but she travels a lot – great news for global customers though!

So in short, she’s a woman who’s broken down my usual ability to shrug off the glamour of these wrestling women. I can’t quite get her out my head or use displacement, in the same way I usually can. As to her value, her ranking compared to others, and if you should make the effort and cost to spend an hour wrestling with her… well, I think that answers that question.

She has done some particularly good stuff with Doom Maidens, I can recommend.

Scissors Session SKYLAR RENE

Scissors Session SKYLAR RENE

So I was excited like a small child for this to happen. Skylar and I have been dancing near and far and never managing to actually make our diaries meet… until this week!


Now, caveat. Skylar cannot, for very good health reasons, conduct full or semi competitive sessions. She’s a hard-charging, go get’em kinda girl, and has picked up a few injuries, one of which was badly exacerbated in a match in image4Germany a couple of years ago. (That, and the danger of the hold involved is a discussion for another blog). Anyway, II was about to experience my first ever passive-session, where I was to be crushed senseless by Skylar and her famous, astonishing legs and ass. A new experience, but a transcendent one!


So in person you’l struggle to meet a nicer girl. For someone who regularly tops the list of the most searched for names on this blog, who looks like she does and has the kind of aura she does, she is down to earth, kind, funny and has a good sense of humour. I cannot recommend her enough, especially if you’re afraid or nervous of sessioning. I’m not, but I can see how she would be superb at that.


We all know what she’s good at – her scissors are legendary, as much as Rapture, and I can confirm no man would be able to tell the difference between them. The fact they have clashed thigh to thigh and lasted in each others scissors so long during that video is testament to their competitiveness, because I was squealing like a girl before she’d hit even 50% power.


Yeah if you like scissors this is the girl to go for. At the end, she knocked me out, ignoring my taps (after I had explicitly asked for it) and the slow gradual increase in pressure from those massive but incredibly sexy thighs was relentless and never ending. I certainly didn’t see the end, I was out.


Skylar is also incredibly sexy, and damn does she know it – and that’s great, because there is nothing hotter than a woman who knows her own attractiveness, and how to use it. I’m not often left stumbling for words, but I was this time.


You’ll pay a premium for a session with her, a good twice what you would for a UK based wrestler, but she’s worth it. I certainly haven’t regretted it since, the extra cost is justified by the lack of opportunity, without travelling to California.

I think I have a new joint favourite….




So, last week I managed to complete something i’ve been wanting to do for a very long time, which is meet and wrestle the astonishing Scissor Goddess, the one and only (and I don’t use that term lightly) Rapture.

A long term fixture in the session scene, the Nevada native is a 5’10, 15 inch bicep’d, 1000ibs leg pressing, has-been-training-in-BJJ-since-she-was-3, badass….. but who is also so very astonishingly nice and down to earth I had a brief struggle reconciling what I had expected before we met.


The venue was the Submission Rooms, as ever – and right from turning up Rapture was absolutely lovely. Chilled out, relaxed, nice. Measured in her responses, but funny and engaging. Oh, and stunning. She’s tall and obviously heavily muscled, but still very female in shape… she’s a real knockout, and is so full figured in every way it can be a little over-whelming in person. Which kind of lets you know how the match would be…

So, that translates. Now, Rapture is super-experienced in the session scene, so if you have a request she can fulfil it. As i’ve said before, I tend to be a bit loose and free/easy with my sessions, I leave it deliberately ambiguous so that the girl can half dictate how it goes. In this case, it resulted in a relaxed atmosphere punctuated by bouts of extremely intense combat!


She really has the ‘maximum violence’ switch thing down! Affable and nice one second, but in the match its all movement, power and aggression and it’s amazing, and intense. Especially as she’s clearly so well trained, and so FREAKING STRONG (more on that in a second), that intensity of effort can leave a guy overwhelmed and a little light headed! (Not just from the smothers, scissors, chokes that is…). You can tell this girl has been doing BJJ for 15+years too.

She’s in a class of three, this woman (the other two being Venom and Scorpion) against whom you’re pretty much helpless, or at least mostly unable to even slightly control the pace and direction of the match. She’s just too strong, too fast, too skilled to control ANYTHING, and it’s a delicious feeling knowing you’re being genuinely destroyed – and she’s so damn over the top hot doing it!


There’s also the strength thing. I mean, this is the girl who went, well, thigh to thigh with Skylar Rene and beat her 3-2 in a scissors challenge, and has held the ‘Scissor Goddess’ self imposed but totally deserved title for years. Man does she deserve it. Last session was Scorpion, who I gave strongest legs title too… well i’m afraid it’s been re-awarded. I guess if you can leg-press 1000ibs then that’s gonna happen… (Scorpion is still cripplingly strong though, ill just make that clear and frankly if either girl gets you you’re tapping before they hit 50% power!)

Raptures arms, legs, either are just so strong it’s untrue, however you wanna look at it the pressure she can exert is phenomenal and relentless… you never get to the point where the pressure maxes out, it just keeps… tightening. Mental. Oh, and DD breasts, literally blot out the light. Plus, unlike a lot of girls since shes tall, grapevines actually work since I couldnt use my length of leg to unwind the hook… I just can’t really describe and do her justice!


As you can probably tell, i’m a little light-headed still about this woman. She’s amazing, and although she charges a lot (especially by UK standards) she is worth every single penny/dime. Go visit her in Vegas, or if you find out when she is travelling GO SEE HER. For my part, i’m considering moving to Nevada…




So, I finally got around to locking up with Scorpion. I say finally, because this is take three (all my fault, a mixture of job interruptions and stupidity on my part). Throughout all Scorpion was professional and friendly and understanding, and gently mocking… a class act. This is a theme that has continued into the match!

I’ll put this here, out in front and clear. I’ve heard rumours (and if i’ve heard some others have) and I think it’s time to quash them now. Scorpion is a great technical wrestler, and improving all the time. Any rumours you may have heard of her not being the real deal skills wise are at best out-dated, at worst malicious. So. The session.


So, in person Scorpion is much like she is if you follow any of her myriad social media efforts – engaging, intelligent and funny. Relaxed before or after the match she has what a lot of the best girls have, the ‘switch’, the point where the focus  comes on and she hurts you. She prefers, by her own admission to fight and beat guys and trust me, it shows.



I always knew, kinda, what the session was going to be like. Scorpion is in phenomenal shape, and only getting bigger AND more cut. Just tall enough to match more tall guys, short enough to be able to move inside your legs and guard, and muscular/heavy enough to be almost damn impossible to shift from mount. Or your back, or wherever she’s taken up residence.


That’s because she moves around the mats very well (symptom of her BJJ training) and is getting ever better in the chess game that is BJJ, and mixing it with a dollop of freestyle wrestling. It’s a potent combination if you’re a guy looking for a strong woman with the skills to back it up. I’ve not been in so much after-fight pain since Venom put me through the wringer, and I can’t find much higher praise than that!


Now, I know I say this every damn time. “Her legs are so strong/her thighs are vicious/her quads are so strong” blah blah…. and to be honest i’ve not wrestled a girl who couldn’t crack ribs with her thighs. Isabella and Venom do stand out as particularly strong… but I think Scorpion has genuinely taken this title. Plus, in her words ‘I LOVE head-scissors’. At no point was I able to last past (in her estimate) about 40 to 50% of her power in a head-scissors. I think the longest I managed to go was 1.7 seconds, and that’s only because she took it slower so I could ‘enjoy it more’…. cheers, Scorpion…

Body-scissors the same, and if you like scissor-holds and applications you must try her out. I can only think of a few girls in the UK and the US who could match her, who aren’t professional body-builders. The advantage she has that despite being so strong, it’s a really functional strength that means she’s as quick and flexible as some one much smaller.

To be honest though, stressing how powerful her scissors are detract from how many other holds she knows. Since starting 8 months ago, pretty much constant and solid training has resulted in a breadth of holds and vicious traps that will leave you tapping out from most angles.

Scorpion was a great match. I had an absolute blast, both before and after the match. I have pretty straight and simple tastes, but having talked to others who’ve visited her, her breadth of capability with what she can offer is pretty damn wide… take advantage guys, especially as she’s stepped out of domme pricing (£200+) down into the standard £150 rate. Take advantage guys, and in extra good news she travels, a LOT.




Ok, this one has taken me a lot of time. I’ve been pretty slack actually, usually my reviews fire up online the day, or day after I wrestle someone and it’s been two whole weeks since my collision with Amethyst Hammerfist, and finally I feel about ready that I can sit down and write an accurate review of the session, and what you as a fan, wrestler or, if you’re another female session wrestler who does videos, will get out of the session.

Amethyst has kind of exploded onto the scene. It’s the best term for her, exploded as she’s all emotion. Nothing is done by halves, nothing is done quietly its anger, happiness, love, laughter, hate, EMOTION in everything she applies herself too, and that comes out online, even before you meet her. She is a prolific (some, me, would say addicted… which is cool, I am too) tweeter, and for the short time she could stand facebook she went mad on there too.

A Submission Room wrestler, she’s also very vocal in how much training she’s doing. With some pretty in depth catfighting experience in the past, the switch to submission wrestling is fairly new here but, as with everything she does, it’s something that she’s charged headlong into and now has base level training in a full selection of martial arts as well as the purer submission style.

I’ll say it now, she has a ways to go. Her intelligence and voracious thirst for knowledge and experience in wrestling and fighting means she is learning FAST but she isn’t a Venom or Athena, with years and years of martial arts training to fall back on… how that translates when you fight her I’ll deal with later, but I think it’s worth this background. Currently her skill level is basic but improving, but probably two weeks after I’ve fought her, at the rate she’s learning she’ll already be noticeably better. If you read this in 2016…. Who knows. Being passionate about everything, and specifically this, can move mountains. Or master the fuck out of a triangle choke in double quick time….

I’ve dealt with the Submission Room experience previously. I think it remains my favourite venue so far… Pippa remains every helpful, but the general setup of changing room and mat room just seems well thought out and comfortable. I’m not saying other places aren’t, I hasten to say, just that TSR seems to ‘fit’ really well. So, bravo and well recommended as ever!

Amethyst… well, when she meets you you’re struck about her smallish physical size compared to her presence. She’s petite but busty, and getting more muscular again by the day – and again when you first meet her she’s actually fairly quiet. Really nice, but quiet, almost like she’s sizing you up but also weighing and measuring you. Whatever, I felt immediately at ease which is the most important skill a session wrestler can have, in it’s own way.

She’s also one of the most aggressively forwards leaning when it comes to working out what a customer wants from the session. Now, I deliberately leave my requests vague – I find it means it’s more natural and my opponent and I slip into the most fun vibe. Amethyst did this, with no qualm, but she certainly asked more questions trying to force me into laying out what I want! I believe this to be her wish to make it the best session possible, rather than uncertainty, to her credit. I’m just an awkward customer…

She’s stunning, clearly, and knows it. Not only this, but an adult modelling background means she’s aware of how to move, stand and… well, pose, to show herself off to best effect.

Lets be absolutely clear – and I know for a FACT some guys reading this are in denial of this fact, or wouldn’t admit it to anyone, what we do, what I write about, this entire industry, is a FETISH. It’s about us guys, usually, getting turned on or excited by wrestling very attractive girls. There’s wild variation between what part of wrestling girls – facesit, scissors, competitive, feet, whatever – that gets us going, but baseline, it’s fetish and that’s OK.

Now I’m going to make a few statements about Amethyst soon, and any session wrestler reading this may get a ‘I fucking do that’ or ‘I can do that as well’ feeling. I know, girls. I know that 95% of girls in this session industy understand that it’s fetish, and can do the sensual, sexy thing very well. The difference I found… in my opinion… that I feel, is that Amethyst really exists in the moment.

I get the feeling… I know… that there is a sub-set of session wrestling girls (no I wont pass names, but they’re out there) who will maybe even recognise themselves when they read this, who do this as a job to make money from easily led guys. It’s a small number but they exist, and I’ve even heard from several how disparaging they are about the fan-base. Maybe they even enjoy their roles as these semifamous ‘faces’ within the niche industry, but the fans are viewed as cash cows, irritants to gain money from… which is, to say the least, a shame. What sets Amethyst apart, from so many (but not all I hasten to add) is that she exists in the fetish, with the guy she’s wrestling.

Many reviews are arriving about her – social media obsessive that she is, attention is high and looking like she does it’s only natural guys want to look at and talk to her– and all say how intense and emotional and tense sessioning with her is. It’s because, like I said, she gets into and enjoys the fetish with the guy. It’s almost her turnon too, to scissor, foot worship, facesit, whatever, and although there is categorically no sexual overtones or especially not actions, the feeling and emotion of two intensely emotionally charged people in the moment of the struggle is there. She is very very good at bringing it to the fore and that’s what makes a session with her so intense.

To talk about the physical side of it – well, she’s strong for her size, out of proportion to it… her legs are vicious and she can leave you senseless if you get trapped in her headscissors… as I found out, twice. She’s constantly aggressive, constantly coming at you, locking herself too you breathing hard and sweaty and with teeth clenched and snarls and grunts of anger…. She doesn’t act, she lets her emotions run wild and the best thing you can do is let yours go in return. She’s small but can take a fall or a hold as well as most… tenacious and, to use her own favourite word, FEISTY.

Currently I’d put her in the mix as a top 3 in the UK fantasy wrestler, and a good semi comp wrestler, and a really fun comp wrestler for guys that aren’t too large. I think, due to her size and still learning phase she’d struggle with some of the huge guys out there… but that’s not to say that she wouldn’t go at you like a hellcat. She’s a naturally good grappler… with more training she’ll be lethal.

I’ll leave you with a story… a description because for all of the words I’ve left above I think it’ll sum up the session as well as anything, so if you’ll indulge me….

We’d been fighting for about 40 minutes… it had got dark outside, and with only one light in the mat room it was more of a golden glow, a halflight, softer than human lighting usually is. She’d worked her way on top of me, and locked thighs around my head and neck, as I was facing up her body, tanned and toned and glowing in the light. Music played, I don’t remember what exactly but it matched the fact the fight had slowed down to a vicious sense… only mine and her gasps filled the air and I stared up the length of her body as I felt her thighs clench around my neck again, squeezing tighter as we locked gazes, her eyes on mine, striking sparks, as her lip curled back and she sneered… four seconds later I was tapping out increasingly frantically and she just kept the hold on, eyes still on mine. It was so cool in the room, and we had been going so hard that our bodies were literally steaming, the mist curling up from bare skin and that’s when we locked gazes through as she scissored me unconscious, left hand grasping my hair to hold me into her legs right elbow propping her up to get a good look at me falling to her…

I think we both took something from that. That’s the feeling you get wrestling her, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone. Be clear what you want, and you’ll get it. Emotion. So often overlooked, but so SO important.


This is the first video review for a while for me, but a company has recently taken my fancy and after a splurge of videos I think it good to comment on it, if only to direct those of you who don’t know of it yet to them, because there is much to like.

Fightpulse is one of the European Companies, and has been running for a quite a while now. They have a small number of in house wrestlers, and do a good job of attracting travelling girls to appear in the videos – Skylar Rene, Scorpion and the great VeVe Lane are two such women, both of whom appear on the website.

A few things strike you from the website and the videos themselves, and it’s something I always comment on as its so often overlooked – the production values. Italian Female Wrestling is brilliant, and a few other companies make some effort towards effects, but Fightpulse is really very good, from the lead in, to the graphics to the quality of the video itself. All in all, whatever you watch and from the general experience of using the website, it’s clean, and slick, and well produced.

The videos themselves are good. I will throw in a slight negative, in that the choice is a bit limited right now – especially in Fem vs Fem, but the matches that are there are very good. Diana is a superb wrestler and her match with Veve is a real example of Judo vs Bjj that anyone with an appreciation for the technical side of session wrestling would really enjoy – if anything, watching two so highly skilled women really go for it is brilliant, and I enjoyed the match right up until one woman finally emerged victorious!

The Fem vs Male matches are also good, because the males in them aren’t the usual ‘lie down and take it’ or worse ‘pretend, badly, to fight back’ stock. The guys they bring in go for it, with no holding back so when the women wins it’s so much more intense and satisfying to watch. It’s a good paradigm to establish, and I would commend Skylar Renes MvF matches on the site to anyone. I will say one thing, a common gripe of mine, that they mix Pins and Submissions – that most annoying of styles that prevents either being used fully, and often gives the worse fighter a chance, but there we go – I know plenty of fans who like it!

All in all, this is a short review but one that reflects Fightpulse. It’s a very well run, well shot, well designed company, producing quality matches from an excellent stable of male and female wrestlers, who are often well matched up to produce the best matches. I really would suggest that if you like most forms of FvF or FvM wrestling, go on over and purchase a match, you won’t regret it!