Alpha Women of Underground Wrestling.

So, i’m back! I never really do a good job with posting innocuous things, I always feel the need to arrive with a hand grenade. Turns out I get a lot of visitors… and around 41000 page views. However, seems like the commenting is still low, considering it’s free, and I try post questions that demand answers.

So, with my first post back I thought i’d lay out, as I see it, who the current ‘Top Tier’ of women wrestlers are. By this I mean, the women who session wrestle, who also take part in competitive events and such, all around the world. All I have to go on, from this, is intuition, a bit of gut feeling, and the various results from the matches as these women have come up against each other and been swept along in the eddies and tides of this business.

I know there’ll be dissension. It won’t the first time i’ve had some of the session girls themselves DM me or text me complaining at me i’ve not written them in, or given them what they feel they deserve as a rating or writeup – well, i’m afraid that’s not why I do this. I do this because I like the sound of my own voice, and because I think some people seem to find it interesting. Also, for the fan, yes, there are ‘fan favorites’ – but  often these are NOT the same as the women who are the dominant forces in matches. Y’know, the ones that all the other girls fear to face, the ones that never lose… unless they meet another ‘Alpha Lady’ as I will henceforth christen them. There are probably a few women out there who deserve to be on this list… but since they don’t attend events, and pit themselves against others, they’re un-rate-able, so don’t qualify.

This list also isn’t the top girls in terms of videos in, or best acting, or hottest, or those amazing women who do all their own production stuff as well (although a couple on the list do…) – this is simple skills, and being the hardest, toughest, best grapplers on the circuit.

In my opinion.

So. I started with a fairly large list, comprised of those girls who always seem to be winning matches, and generally kick ass on the majority of the events they go too…  There’s Ariel X, Veve Lane, Toned Tommi, Mistress Kara, Cheyenne Jewell, Electra from the US, there’s Venom, Mystique, Sable from  the UK, there’s Kimbra and Mara and Antscha from Europe.

Yes, there are some apparently glaring omission in there. Ahem, here’s the voice I know many of you are making. “Oh thats BULLsh1t, he’s clearly forgotten about…. X, Y, Z” Well i’ll try jump ahead of the most obvious (as I see them) points that i’ll get. Skylar Rene – very good, but so far i’ve seen her get beaten by several girls on the list above, or by girls who in turn have been beaten by that top list. She’ll get better and better, but she just misses out. Julie Squeeze – again, sublime wrestler (beat Skylar too) but anyone who’s seen her wrestle venom, or Kara will know why she’s not in that top list. AxaJay, the new Mikayla from FEMWIN, Rapture, Sammie Bull from freshfite (not fought outside freshfite), all kick ass but have been beaten by girls from that top list. Any of the ‘dominant’ women from the respective fighting companies – i’m afraid you may kick ass in your own houses ladies, but step outside against one of the girls i’ve mentioned above, and see what happens… If i’ve not named you at all, and you’re a session wrestler – i’m sorry, i’m positive you’d beat me, and most, and if you honestly think you can roll with the girls on that list let me know and i’ll add you with apologies…. but be honest with yourself eh? For those who’ve mentioned Viktoria – she’s a gem and a high flier, but she bottomed out against Julie Squeeze who in turn went under (fighting hard but outmatched) against Venom, and thus Viktoria really comes into the the Julie/Skylar bracket.

Always seem to be pictures of Kara, unusually, in someone else’s triangle choke. Not a normal occurrence for her!

So, that list can be whittled down a bit. For example – Cheyenne Jewell – she’s pretty dominant against 97% of opponents, but in that Alpha list, Electra, Kara and Ariel have all beaten her, so from there she’s towards the bottom. Kimbra is similar, having been beaten by Venom and Mara, although Venom also beat Mara. Ariel hasn’t lost to anyone, but then neither has toned tommi or Venom. Veve beat Cheyenne, and held her own against Venom and so did Antscha, although both narrowly lost. Electra has never really lost and every time she has fought another girl she’s been utterly dominant, including Cheyenne (and it’s not usual you see that) although I do know that she got beaten by Ariel X (although it was close).  So she’s not top…. Kara kicks all ass, but (as i’ve reported) when she an Venom locked up, Venom emerged victorious. Just. I know Venom wants a rematch too…. maybe she’s unsure, and wants to confirm? Toned Tommi is equally dominant. She has fought Venom, to a draw, and if they drew, then Venom must be > Veve… and she’s also beaten them? Veve lost to Ariel, but beat her recently, and has drawn fights with Tommi AND Venom, although ‘losing’ both on technicalities… (a armwrestle and judges decision respectively).

The always nails but utterly lovely Veve Lane doing what she does best… in this case, kicking Volcanos (ex MWM) ass for her. In a friendly fashion!

See how this is working? If you connect all the spiders web of fights, losses and opponents up, who’s beaten who when and how (and in my 6 months away I had the time to do this) you get four names that really stand out…

That’s Kara vs Ariel X…. Ultimate Surrender, I salute you!

Ariel X – undefeated. Venom – undefeated. Toned Tommi – undefeated. Mistress Kara – beaten twice, by Venom and Ariel X, but damn it was close, then there’s Veve Lane, who has beaten Ariel and drawn with Venom and Tommi… Venom and Tommi have drawn matches… and i’m unsure if Ariel and Tommi have fought.

The key to all this, if we really must establish a ‘winner’ is a Venom vs Tomed Tommi Rematch. They’re both the only undefeated girls, the only two who’ve not tapped out at all yet…. They’ve already fought, and drew, so the next time a simple rule of ’15 minutes or until one taps’ could solve it. Irrespective, a Venom vs Ariel X match would also be essential to round this off as it’s the only combination of Alpha Wrestlers we’ve never seen. (Would really mess up the calculations if Ariel beat Venom….!)

Whomever wins that really is the baddest girl in the scene, currently by process of elimination. And the producer who pulls it off will have a top seller of a clip, that’s for sure.

To be honest though, any of those women i’ve listed, in the top or the second lists could all beat me without breaking a sweat, just like they could beat all you guys too. We must remember just how frigging lucky we are to have such a depth of talent in the industry currently, and willing to display their skills against each other, and you know what? If any of the Alpha Ladies (yeah i’m gonna keep using it) do take each other on, and one wins, it’s all done in good spirit of competition. Long may it continue, it’s the fans like us that benefit.

(Any additions or discussions welcome, please comment below if you agree or disagree with anything i’ve written!)

24 thoughts on “Alpha Women of Underground Wrestling.

  1. The one glaring omission from Europe is Viktoria, she is definitely elite.

    You mentioned that Mara beat Kimbra, when was this? I haven’t seen any videos of them competing against each other.

    1. Ah ha yes, Viktoria – yes, I did consider her, and Nadia / Jenny Panther from a Greece, but having seen Viktoria get taken apart by Julie Squeeze, who in turn was totally on the defensive vs Venom… I’d have her in the same category as Skylar or Julie or Axa

      1. I’ve seen no match up between Julie Squeeze and Viktoria, where can I buy this?

        I have no issues with the UK list, although my Europe list would be:

        Xana, Viktoria, Antscha, Kimbra

        Oh by the way, I believe Veve beat Ariel X in their matchup last year on Doom Maidens. Veve also beat Mistress Kara as well so she deserves to be in the conversation with Ariel X, Venom and Toned Tommi. Imo I consider Veve p4p no.1

  2. Great post and well-argued top list. On your short-list, in which several UK and Hungarian names are given, I’d definitely include Viktoria. I even think she may deserve a place in the top four, but it’s a bit hard to tell since she doesn’t have many recent competitive meetings with the others.

    1. Hello Max. Many thanks for the comment. Having watched Julie Squeeze beat her, and then watched Julie vs the top four, I would put Viktoria at the same level as Julie and Skylar. Very very good, but not entirely dominant

      1. Thanks. I was trounced by Viktoria, so if Skylar is as good I’d absolutely love to meet her. Hopefully there will be another European tour soon…

  3. Some more stats that I know: VeVe vs Tommi was 0-0 submission score, but Tommi won the arm wrestling tie breaker. VeVe vs venom was 0-0 submission score, but the judge (myself) decided the match for Venom, since no draw was allowed. Ariel was defeated in a rematch w VeVe in 2014, following their draw in 2011. I believe Ariel and Tommi have fought to a draw, but I’ve never seen the match.

      1. Just to note that you mention VeVe had lost to Ariel in the body text. However, their first match in 2011 was fought to a draw.

  4. Skylar has improved as a wrestler every time i’ve seen her but no offence to her, I don’t think she is on the same league as Viktoria, who is a seasoned veteran.

    If Viktoria isn’t considered a top tier wrestler in Europe because she lost to Julie Squeeze, then neither should Antscha as she has lost to Julie Squeeze as well.

  5. Who beat Axa and for what producer?

    I’d love to see Electra finally meet her match. Who could beat her?

    Love your site.

  6. Julie vs Electra would be a dream match-up — both scissor experts and stunningly beautiful — Match of the Decade!

    1. I agree it would be an amazing match but Electra is a step up from Julie I’m afraid, I suspect it would be a bit one sided. Willing to enjoy the match to be proved wrong though!

  7. You really think so? I think Julie is more skilled; Electra stronger. Want this match to go down. A scissor-off with Jule and Electra would rule!

    1. I’m afraid not. Julie matches Skylar. Julie was rolled over by several of those top tier women, whom Electra had fight and matched tap for tap. She’s actually an exceptional fighter – just go watch her dismantle Cheyenne Jewel for the proof. It’s a femwin match.

  8. Yeah, I’ve seen the Electra-Cheyenne match — Electra was on fire until the heat of the room got to her. How do you see an Axa Jay – Julie match going? Btw, I helped underwrite the Julie-Skylar scissor-off that you liked.

    1. Good work! Loved that match. I shamelessly stole it to sponsor Skylar/rapture!

      Axa Julie I’d very hard… I can’t think of the top of my head of a joint opponent to measure that against… Potentially Viktoria, but I don’t know if axa beat her

  9. Are you familiar with someone called Athena? I ask because I’ve seen the gorgeous Natalia losing to both Athena and Venom for FWZ (London series), and I believe Athena dominates her more definitively. Athena happens to be very pretty though marred by excessive tats.

    1. I am John, unfortunately Athena doesn’t compete as much. She’s also very small (although very skilled) so can struggle against bigger girls. She’s about equal to Jenny Panther who has been rolled over by Julie S, who isn’t up to the standards of the top five. Finally, remember Venom is very very very rarely going all out. Trying to decide who’s better then get based upon how much she beat them by is pointless. To be frank, if you see her only win by one she’s most usually doing it to be nice. (She doesn’t play that game with guys, guys she just steam rollers!)

  10. I have wrestled with and lost to most of the USA girls mentioned here including Tommi, Ariel, Kara, Veve, Cheyenne, Rapture, Electra, Skylar, and Julie. That is about the order I put them in with respect to skill and strength, but they all beat me pretty easily, so it’s hard to judge. (I’m 6-3, 200, athletic, but not much of a wrestler). I would add Yasmin, Arekah, Syd, Lia, and Jolie to the list of top level wrestlers. I would love to roll with some of the Europeans such as Xana, Antscha, Victoria, Venom, and Tia. Perhaps soon.

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