Freshfite Female Fighting review…

Well. I have a VERY exciting interview coming up, from session wrestling royalty… but before that, I thought I’d review a studio from America that does a lot of very interesting things, and makes use of social media in a way that a lot of others don’t, and in a way that secures a hardline right to the main reason that men watch female vs female fighting – dislike, competitiveness and desire to hurt another girl.

Depressing, isn’t it, that it’s the main seller. I always had my suspicions, but writing this blog for three years has really confirmed it. The most hits, the most interest has always been for the matches, the videos that pitch two women against each other where there’s a palpable REASON to match up, Either dislike, or a need (apparent or otherwise) to prove she is better than the other girl. Funny. For example, the recent Italian Female Wrestling match between Nadia and Robi, with tempers flaring has outsold all other videos.

It’s nice when girls get on, and it’s all done in the spirit of healthy competition and yes, most matches are and it’s a good thing. But it’s not what sells.

Freshfite have worked this out.

Vicious, eh?
Vicious, eh?

A USA studio/producer with a very large cast of girls ranging from girl-next-door, to girl-on-the-street to downright hot, from slightly ‘less than in shape’ to ripped to fuck, there’s quite the cast of fighters. It’s also got a good selection of matches, and a large video selection. There are pretty extreme catfights, wrestling matches, less extreme catfights and then there are actual MMA fights, cobra gloves and all.

There are a few ‘faces’ of Freshfite – one of whom is ‘Sammie Bull’, an actual talent who I’d like to see take part in some other events and not just fight at FF.

I’ve downloaded a selection of their fights on film, at fairly reasonable prices, and I’m impressed. Decent production values, all fought in a ring, the girls clearly have training and it’s certainly not fake – the action in all the videos I’ve seen has been intense and fast and pretty vicious. They’re good matches and my advice is these are videos worth buying and the descriptions are accurate – take your time, check the catalogue and choose one you like the look of, you won’t be disappointed.


I’ll say it again – the ring is irritating. That’s just my view, but in the interest of fairness if you, like me, get annoyed by the fact the crashing mats and banging sounds interfere with the sounds of the fight this isn’t for you. I’ve been assured that sales went up when they began filming in rings – it doesn’t detract, exactly, from the fighting – I’m convinced that a quieter flooring would add to the match.

Sammie the Bull – Current Queen of FF

This is because the Freshfite team have a VERY active presence on Facebook, and, finally coming back around to the point I made ages ago in paragraph 2, the girls get heavily involved with calling out, mocking, trash talking and insulting each other, on facebook, before and after matches. It really does give the fight a bit of HISTORY that is lacking in so many other fights in other studios. If you follow the facebook arguments, you really do want to buy the fight and watch it because you’re desperate to see which girl backs up her words.

11732029_1456258908030794_1755779422584811714_o (1)

It’s very clever, and I like and approve of it a lot.

With any custom I sponsor I try get the two girls to do this… unfortunately, especialy with British girls, I just get  amused accusations of ‘stirring’, which amuses me in turn because that’s exactly what I’m doing, and EXACTLY what more studios should be doing. Tap into the faintly sordid need of the guys who buy the videos to want a real competitive reason, and you have an exponentially better match.

Freshfite have, and because of this, as well as videos that stand as good fights in their own right, their stuff is very good indeed.

5 thoughts on “Freshfite Female Fighting review…

  1. I totally agree. I have many Freshfite videos. My fav was a match where Sammie had a real life issue with another girl and work and bingo! Great match. The recent indoctrination matches where two pro wrestlers could get their hands on each in a real fight was superb. The match with two over 40s was a gem too. My most watch custom matches I have commissioned also had an angle between the girls, like Venom and Ivy who had fought in previous style match, and were up for a return.

  2. Isn’t this the reincarnation of the Dr. Puck’s ill-fated TUFF? Heavily inked women doing MMA-lite pretending that mens’ interest in this is athletic in nature. Fine for YouTube freebies. Not. Erotic.

    1. There’s a large subsect of the scene that isn’t interested in erotic fighting. No, this producer is not linked currently to TUFF, although has history with that group. Part of the strength of this whole scene is it’s diversity, this is just one more facet, and its a thriving company, which gives lie to your comment. However, I’m glad you’ve made it, all views are welcome… It’s part of the diversity of the genre. WL.

      1. “I didn’t run. I took things down pending a decision whether to file a lawsuit for slander. But TUFF had way too much drama associated with it. My attorney advised to just let things blow over, which they pretty much have. The girl who used the press to create the final drama was a girl who had been humiliated by our top fighter, and did not like being displaced as prima donna. She also, for all her accusations, was one of the hardest to deal with. We even had to change the locks on the gym at one point because she was sneaking guys in to do sessions and whatever against our rules and behind our backs. She knew everything we were doing, but played innocent victim to a willing reporter looking for a sweeps week story. It was just easier to let things pass than to keep it alive by fighting the false accusations. But I still have all the TUFF videos available for sale. We’ve been reborn as “freshfite,” and have used all the TUFF experience to make a much better, drama-free enterprise. ”

        My recollection is that this girl claimed she hadn’t been informed her vids would be sold into the “fetish” market. That would be us, I guess. How mortifying.

    2. in fairness John, they don’t LOOK to be erotic really. You won’t find nudity, you won’t find sex involved in any fight they do, and you surely won’t find any mixed action. In fact they distance themselves from the rest of the industry in all those regards to the point that anyone who DOES work elsewhere can not work for them, and that goes for those who worked there before and for those who never did. They cater to a very different section of the female fight audience, and obviously it has worked enough to keep them around a while now so they must be doing something right. So yeah, it’s not erotic no, but it’s not what they ever wanted to be.

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