Session VENOM

I’m mildly aware as I write this, that this could be the most important one of these posts I do all year. It’s based upon a few things – I need to do this wrestler justice, with her skill and personality, I know she’s one of the two most popular girls out there (based upon who I see searched for when I get you guys and girls come to my blog). I also need to be truthful and avoid gushing, which is always hard.

So as I sit here, with my adams apple clicking every time I swallow and the largest collection of bruises beginning to show around my throat, shoulders, chin and jawline, I hope I can achieve that. I think I’ll make a single statement, below, to set the tone.

Venom is the most skilled grappler, by far, that I have so far faced.

I have some training, in disparate fields, I have done this for a long time. I will admit something now, because I feel I need too in order to make this clear. In no other session have I gone at 100%. I don’t feel the need too, I’d rather have fun – the scores are an indication of skills of the girls I wrestle. I didn’t bother keeping score with Venom, because unlike the others, I decided I’d go 100%, at least with defending myself. I wanted to really see how good she was, with someone not just rolling over and letting her beat on him (or her). I didn’t keep score, as it would be a ‘false reading’, so you must take my words as description.

Venom started a mere 3 years ago in the industry, with MWM and since then her popularity has skyrocketed. She’s currently wrestling for Alpha Femmes UK, and a very nice studio and management team they have. I can see why she’s settled there… As ever the place was clean, and looked after and the amenities were great. But enough of where I got battered, more on Venom herself.

Venom, when you meet her, to be clear, is a genuinely lovely girl. She’s had a reputation, in the past, for being a little ‘cold’, when you meet her. Well that is nonsense, and if it is true it’s about 4 years out of date, from when she very first began. She’s warm, and funny and completely down to earth.

In my job, I sometimes meet very dangerous people. They are nice and kind and utterly self assured, because they know they can handle themselves and anyone in the room, easily. You get the same feeling from Venom, in waves; it’s very unusual she’ll come up against someone who will give her an actual challenge, and she knows it. It’s very impressive and that confidence is not only warranted, but good to see.

What is her demeanor like when wrestling, before I discuss the style? It’s great and I expect, for you guys out there who like roleplay, or a real bitch, she can do that too. I’m usually friendly and take it relaxed (or as relaxed as you can be in this case, when you’re fighting tooth an nail to not get choked or crushed sensless at every second) and she was too, with a real playful side and a love of what shes doing. I also know, if she wanted to turn the hard side on, she could do that equally well.

That love of what shes doing is obvious, in this and everything she does. Wrestling, grappling, is something shes very much enjoys, and that brings out the best in the session too.


So, technically… well, she genuinely enjoys squeezing people that’s for sure. Triangles, but also scissors – she is now in the cast of three women who can tap me out, with a body scissors, at will. Her legs are phenomenal (I’d have to put it to a machine to work out who wins between her and Isabella). But so are her arms, and so is her seat – her experience shows, but she’s naturaly very very planted and hard to shift, as well as being heavier than most of the model sized girls in the session industry – if she doesn’t want you to roll, you wont. She’s not in competition shape right now, but she no less fit for it, and no less strong, and lets face it no less attractive. Beyond a crushing scissors (which she doesn’t really go for, a triangle is her hold of choice) her rear naked chokes are lethal, her armlocks are lethal, her movement is fast which makes her lethal… unless you’re very well schooled in grappling, you will be beaten. It’s a fact.

With some girls, you get the feeling that they’re thinking. Which is fine, they’re deciding what to do next, and you can compensate or wait to see what they do. Venom thinks, a lot sometimes…

But it’s for a different reason.

The reason she’s thinking, is which hold to apply. If you push her, she’ll flow from counter, to hold, to move without thought and have you tapping in seconds. Her mount is so strong and her roll to mount is so accomplished, that she can afford to take the time to evaluate which hold to use, not because she doesn’t know, but because she’s got such a large arsenal to use that she is I suspect doing it to avoid being bored, and to keep it interesting for her opponent (victim).

I don’t’ enjoy joint locks. I don’t enjoy taping to them, and it’s very very very unusual if I get traped in one, let alone tapped out from one. Venom managed it today. Only once, but that’s one more time than most other girls have managed (apart from orsi).

In short, I’m more brusied after this encounter than I have been ever before. I was more strained during the fight, than I ever have been before, and I’m sure Venom could’ve tapped me out more should she wished. It’s not often I come into a match and at times feel totally helpless, but today I did and I loved it.

Book Venom. She costs a little more than the other girls, but that’s because of what you get from it. Whatever your style, choose her and you absolutely won’t regret it. That’s all that needs to be said, on that note.

On another note, it’s worth mentioning just how dominant I believe Venom is against other session wrestlers, beyond the big five I’ve named previously. I’ve fought several, including girls who do well in tournaments, and Venoms standpoint above them is clear. There needs to be some form of drive, led by a studio but with fan backing, to conduct a tournament – maybe a ‘Tournament of Champions’ style, with the very best around. Having spoken to Venom, I’m sure she wouldn’t be adverse to taking part. In fact, her comment about my previous post, referring to ‘Who’s best in this industry’ was more that to make the girls who’re at the top of the game fight at their max, we need to introduce something that includes real ‘bragging rights’ or a bigger prize. I understand that, I get it, and although I don’t have the resources to make it happen by myself I wholeheartedly hope that someone reading this may take it and run with it!

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